The undergraduate program is designed to develop MIS generalists with knowledge and skills in both management and information technology. Courses can be divided into two tracks—management and business intelligence track and information technology and system development track. Case study is employed in most courses to develop problem-solving capabilities and to enhance communication skills. Students are required to take a capstone project course and team up with 5 classmates to work on a one-year information system development project in their junior and senior years. Through the IS project, students demonstrate their teamwork, creativity, and hands-on programming capabilities, and often become award-winning teams in the national IS project contests.

Speaking in brief, the instruction goals for undergraduate students are:

  • understand general management knowledge;
  • understand environmental stewardship in business operations;
  • be able to apply appropriate qualitative or quantitative analytical methods to management problems;
  • be knowledgeable of the issues related to the global business environment;
  • be able to communicate effectively.

In our department, we are dedicated to bring information technology and management related knowledge to help student achieve the above goals. The knowledge includes the establishment of information management theory and general business administration knowledge, the cultivation of programming skills, the training of case studies and role playing, and the experience acquisition of projection system design Courses provided by the department include, for example, the fundamental courses of management related such as Introduction to Business, Accounting, Economics, etc.; the technological courses such as Programming, Database Management, Mobile E-commerce, Management of Information Systems, Information Network Planning and Management, Decision Support System, Information System Security, Information System Auditing, Data Mining, Information Policy and Planning, Information Economics and Information System Development capstone project course.