Welcome to NCUIM (the Department of Information Management at the National Central University)! We are excited about the opportunities to bring the latest information about us to you through the Web. As currently with 21 faculty, 201 graduate students, 410 undergraduate students and 6 technique and administrative staffs, our department is not only devoted to prepare our students with both polished managerial and technological expertise to be successful in the fast changing e-commerce and networking era, but also conduct high impact researches to explore the issues about business intelligence, e-commerce marketing, e-commerce supply chain management, e-commerce information technology, and business strategies for e-commerce, etc.

We offer an outstanding program for undergraduate students, more than half of which enter the graduate schools of top national universities upon graduation. Our students are encouraged to solve the real-world challenges about business information systems. For example, all of our undergraduate students are required to complete the one-year course of Information System Development, which emphasizes the training of problem solving, communication skill and team work. We also actively collaborate with industry with the aim to allow our students to practice what they have learned in the classroom. Formosa Technologies Corporation is one of the leading companies to have such a cooperation link.

Our graduate students received the MBA degree and are trained to become leaders in the academic and industry. As such, our graduate programs offer each incoming students the opportunities, with the assistance of professors, to create a program of study that supports his or her specific academic interests. In our department, we emphasize a highly interdisciplinary approach to the information management, and encourage our students to train broadly. For example, our graduate students are required to enroll not only the five core course of managerial domain, but also the technology-oriented courses, such as Information Modeling, Enterprise Computer Networks, Software Engineering, and Intelligent Information Systems. Besides, to prepare our students to face the international business environment, all graduate students are required to take a course named Managerial Communication, which is taught in English and students have to present a specific topic in English in this class. To attract excellent domestic or international students, we also offer several different types of scholarships. Please contact the school or our department for the details of the scholarships.

Through the concerted efforts of excellent faculty, dedicated staff and accomplished students, in the past three decades, we have established ourselves as a provider of high quality business leaders as well as a contributor to the global development of cutting edge researches in selected areas of e-commerce and cross disciplinary areas. Our professors have published papers in the high quality journals, such as MIS Quarterly, IEEE Transaction on Software Engineering, and Decision Support Systems. With such excellent research results, it is not surprised that one of our faculty, Professor Tswen-Gwo Wang, received the most decorated award in our nation: the 2013 National Professorship Holder of the Ministry of Education.

If you are new to our department or considering entering NCU, please check out our website for countless opportunities to get involved in our program. Please also feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have about department or programs. We look forward to hearing from you!