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The Institute has always been attached to the great importance of the recruitment of teachers. At present, there are 22 full-time teachers and a number of concurrent teachers from different fields such as information management, information technology, decision making, and enterprise management.
(※ The following list, except for the head of department and vice-president of department, is sorted by name stroke.)

Shi-Jen Lin, Professor and Head of Department
Education: Computer Science Ph.D., University of Missouri, USA
Specialties: Textmining, machine learning, application of Internet technology
E-mail: sjlin@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-932
office ext.: 66533

Tswen-Gwo Wang, Professor
Education: PhD, University of Rochester, USA
Specialties: Information Economy, E-Commerce, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning
Honorary Awards: Professor of Information Management in 2007, Distinguished Professor of 2004, Professor of the Golden Ding Information Management in 1992
E-mail: ewang@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-909
office ext.: 66555

Chin-Yuan Ho, Adjunct Associate Professor
Education: Information Management Ph.D., University of Iowa, USA
Specialties: E-commerce web exploration, enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM)
E-mail: chuckho@mgt.ncu.edu.tw

Kai Sung, Adjunct Professor
Education: PhD, Case Western Reserve University, USA
Specialties: Systematic analysis, cross-strait issues, communication and negotiation, creative thinking
>E-mail: kaisung.99@gmail.com

Shau-Mei Li, Associate Professor
Education: PhD in Consumer Science and Marketing Management, Purdue University, USA
Specialties: Marketing strategy, consumer behavior, marketing strategy for technology products
E-mail: smlw@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-929
office ext.: 66126

Chun-shien Li, Professor
Education: PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Specialties: Intelligent Systems, Computational Intelligence, Neuro-Fuzzy Computing, Intelligent Modeling and Prediction, Intelligent Control
E-mail: jamesli@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-917
office ext.: 66554

Shi-Chie Chou, Professor
Education: PhD, Texas A&M University, USA
Specialties: Knowledge Management, Information Retrieval, Software Engineering, Distance Learning
E-mail: scchou@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-919
office ext.: 66528

En-Yi Chou, Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D. in International Business, National Taiwan University
Specialties: Marketing Management, Brand Marketing, Service Marketing, Internet Marketing
E-mail: eychou@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-905
office ext.: 66558

Huey-Wen Chou, Professor
Education: PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana -hampaign, USA
Specialties: Information application and impact in the organization, team performance, e-learning
E-mail: hwchou@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-930
office ext.: 66523

Tzu-Ming Lin, Adjunct Professor
Education: PhD, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Specialties: International Information Systems, Information Society and Culture, Information and Economic Development, Strategy and Decision Making, Corporate Financial Management and Personal Investment
E-mail: jmlin@mgt.ncu.edu.tw

Shih-Wen Ke, Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D. in Information Science, University of Sunderland, UK
Specialties: Information Retrieval, Mechanical Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Science
E-mail: swgke@ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-928
office ext.:  66520

Cheng-Kiang Farn, Professor
Education: PhD, University of California - Los Angeles, USA
Specialties: Information System Management, Electronic Enterprise, Enterprise Computerization
E-mail: ckfarn@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-916
office ext.: 66527
Honor Award: Distinguished Professor of 2006 and 2009
Personal homepage: http://www.mgt.ncu.edu.tw/~ckfarn

Yi-Wen Fan, Adjunct Professor
Education: PhD, University of Iowa, USA
Specialties: Information Management, Information Systems Application, Decision Support System
E-mail: iwfan@mgt.ncu.edu.tw

Wen-Chin Hsu, Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D. in Information Management, Sheffield University, UK
Specialties: Medical Information Management, Medical Information Systems, Information Behavior, Geographic Information System
E-mail: hsuwc@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-927-1
office ext.: 66535

Chih-cheng. Hsu, Associate Professor
Education: PhD, University of California - Los Angeles, USA
Specialties: Financial data exploration, Python data exploration system, software engineering, system integration, digital learning
E-mail: khsu@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-904
office ext.: 66538

Wen-Shiung Lian, Assistant Professor
Education: PhD, National National University, Taiwan
Specialties: Digital Library, Information Systems Management
E-mail: wslian@ncu.eud.tw
Office: Library Information Group Office
office ext.: 57421

Yi-Cheng Chen, Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D. in Information Engineering, National Chiao Tung University
Specialties: Social Networking, Data Exploration, Deep Learning, Huge Data
E-mail: ycchen@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-927
office ext.: 66552

Chung-Yang Chen, Professor
Education: Ph.D., Industrial Engineering (Information Systems Engineering Group), Arizona State University, USA
Specialties: Software quality management, project management, information quality
E-mail: cychen@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-915
office ext.: 66530

Yi-Ming Chen, Professor
Education: Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
Specialties: Decentralized information systems, computer network security, information system security
E-mail: cym@cc.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-911
office ext.: 66524

Yen-Liang Chen, Professor
Education: PhD, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Specialties: Database, calculation methods, data mining and warehousing
E-mail: ylchen@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-931
office ext.: 66532
Honors and Awards: Professor of Information Management in 2007 Annual School, Distinguished Professor of the Year 2006, Outstanding Research Award of the National Science Council of 2003, and winner of the 1971 Academic Award of the Ministry of Education
Personal homepage: http://www.mgt.ncu.edu.tw/~ylchen

Wesley Shu, Associate Professor
Education: PhD, University of Arizona, USA
Specialties: Information Economy, Innovation Management, Fintech, Big Data and Blockchain, planning to apply blockchain technology to the tourism industry
E-mail: shu@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-913
office ext.: 66560

Chih-Fong Tsai, Professor
Education: PhD, Information Systems, University of Sunderland
Specialties: Multimedia Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence
E-mail: cftsai@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-914
office ext.: 66525

Shi-Jie Qian, Adjunct Associate Professor
Education: Law Ph.D., Zhongzheng University
Specialties: Digital Evidence
E-mail: mjib007@gmail.com
ext.: 0915024736

Yih-Chearng Shiue, Professor
Education: PhD, Tamkang University, Taiwan
Specialties: Strategy Planning and Management, Foresight Planning, System Analysis and Design, IT Management, Digital System Science
E-mail: ycs@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-910
office ext.: 66526

Yi-Ching Hsieh, Professor
Education: PhD, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Specialties: Marketing Management, Services Marketing, Internet Marketing
Honor Award: Distinguished Professor of 2009
E-mail: ychsieh@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-918
office ext.: 66534

How-Ming Shieh, Associate Professor  
Education: PhD, University of Texas-Austin, USA
Specialties: Computer Simulation, Software Development, Expert System
E-mail: hmshieh@mgt.ncu.edu.tw

Kuen-Liang Sue, Assistant Professor
Education: PhD, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Specialties: Wireless Network, Mobile Commerce Technology, Image Processing & Applications, Network Security, RFID Integration & Applications
E-mail: klsue@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-906
office ext.: 66541
Personal homepage: http://www.cc.ncu.edu.tw/~klsue

Yea-Huey Su, Associate Professor
Education: PhD, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Specialties: Entrepreneurship, business model innovation and design, technological innovation
E-mail: suesu@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Office: I1-912
office ext.: 66529

Hsiang-Jen Chung (Ryan)
Education: M.S., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Specialties: iOS APP Development, Web Development
office ext.:
Personal homepage:  
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