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The department of Information Management was established in 1985. The aims for its development are to bring the students to the forefront of knowledge in management information systems, and to advance research in theories, concepts and methodologies of information system applications. The mission of the department is to be dedicated to academic research and developing information management education that is both adapted to local culture and globally connected. The department also seeks to cultivate business and IT management leaders with an understanding of their responsibilities for sustainable development in both the business world and society in general.

The Graduate Institute of Information Management was established since 1991, offering the Master program in the Information Management area. The progress continued with the establishment of the doctoral program since 1994. The department provides programs of quality and excellence in the application and management of information technology. In addition, faculty members provide the guidance needed to allow the students to excel in a chosen research topic area. Current research focuses on both the integration of knowledge in the computer science, management science, and business administration areas, and the application of integrated information technologies. These research topics include: the management of information systems and their organizational impacts, the management of information technologies, the design of distributed computing framework, the development and applications of decision support systems, decision analysis and decision support theory, the impacts of end user computing, the design of database systems, expert systems, models of soft computing, software engineering and IT project management. Besides the aforementioned research areas, we are also capable to accommodate the adoption of cutting-edge information and management technologies, and well prepare ourselves to resolve any new, current research issues.

The department provides a wide range of teaching and learning facilities. It offers a full range of networked PCs, workstations, and notebooks. There are industry-compatible software for programming, word-processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphics and system development for both educational and research purposes. Especially, the department is noted in the establishment and management of various file servers and network servers, such as FTP Servers, POP Mail Server, News Server and World Wide Web Server, and many other latest Windows-based servers. These servers facilitate the faculty and the students to access to the international data resources and the library literature significantly.


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